Broken Bridge Swing Door Series

Swing doors are a very common type of doors and windows on the market at present. They refer to doors with hinges installed on the side of the door and open inward or outward. The swing door has high safety, and the wind pressure resistance performance is particularly good, and it is simple, safe and flexible. Relatively speaking, it does not take up a lot of indoor space, and it is also very closed and more durable. In addition, the broken bridge flat door products designed by our company have strong aesthetics, can divide the space, effectively improve the space utilization, and make the overall design more beautiful and neat. No matter from the overall coordination, or the function, it can achieve the real practical effect and grade.

Products Details

1. Good airtightness. When the hinged door was first designed, it was the original shape of the door. At that time, it was required to effectively prevent wind, sand, dust, or other impurities from entering the house, so the sealing performance was absolutely high. Swing doors are protected by a layer of glue on the periphery than other doors, which can effectively isolate them when in use. 2. High security. The safety performance of swing doors is higher than that of other categories. The swing door can be installed with a lock when in use, and for ordinary families, the swing door is made of relatively hard materials, which is very convenient and safe to use. 3. Easy to use. Whether it is temperature insulation or daily maintenance, it is more convenient and durable.

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