Folding Door

Whether it is ancient or modern, the door is indispensable in the home. In ancient times, all doors in China were folding doors, but with the evolution of history, folding doors have gradually been replaced by sliding doors and flat doors. However, in the nostalgic 21st century, the charm of folding doors has been tapped again, and it has become popular in home decoration. The folding door of this brand seems to partition two spaces, but it does not block the line of sight between the two spaces. The use of transparent glass can effectively block noise without affecting the line of sight. A folding door is used to disconnect the balcony from the indoor partition, and the transparency of the glass does not visually separate the balcony from the indoor connection. It can effectively block noise and temperature differences at night, and you can enjoy and breathe outdoor air during the day. The folding door is practical and beautiful, and it is definitely the best choice for home decoration.

Products Details

The folding door of this brand is made of high-purity and thick aluminum, which is often used in ships and wheel hubs. It has excellent corrosion resistance, is healthy, durable, and does not deform. It can withstand the compression test, is durable and push-pull stable, and the thickened guide rail is made of solid materials. The disassembly door is a hoisting structure, with a thick magnetic strip design, which brings an excellent closing effect and a beautiful appearance and more durable.Compared with other brands on the market, this brand of folding doors has a more advanced sense of use: 1. It has higher sealing performance, partition and screen function. There are electric, manual, remote control and other types. 2. It is more beautiful, easy to use, and saves space. Most of the brands are custom-made, with novel styles and a wide variety of colors, and can be used as an ornament at home. 3. Better dust-proof, moisture-proof, fire-proof and flame-retardant performance. It even has the advantages of heat preservation, shielding, moisture-proof, noise reduction and sound insulation. 4. Acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistant and easy to clean. It can be applied to the kitchen and bathroom.

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