Two-track sliding window series

The two-track sliding window has the advantages of simplicity, beauty, large window width, wide field of vision, high daylighting rate, convenient glass cleaning, flexible use, safety and reliability, and is equipped with high-strength, simple and powerful, anti-shear, anti-impact and other high-quality gold The steel gauze truly embodies the anti-theft, anti-insect, ventilation, safety, etc.

Products Details

Long service life, sliding windows have the advantages of not occupying indoor space, beautiful appearance, economical price, and good airtightness. It adopts high-grade stainless steel slide rails, which can be opened flexibly with a slight push, with automatic drain. The window sash has a good stress state and is not easily damaged. The high-strength hardware locks equipped in the opening fans and screen windows can not be opened from the outside after being locked, thus playing an anti-theft effect.1. Beautiful and simple. The sliding window can be completely stowed, and the scenery outside the window is unobstructed. The design of the left and right sliding rails is simple and elegant. 2. The product quality is high. The joints of all parts are smooth and smooth. Flexible to use, safe and reliable, long service life, open in a plane, occupy less space, easy to install screens, etc. The opening method of sliding on parallel rails does not have too much friction and impact and is less damaging. Strict sealing treatment, good water tightness and air tightness, not easy to leak. 3. Good user experience. Stable sliding direction, almost no noise. It adopts high-grade slide rails, which can be opened flexibly with a light push. With large pieces of glass, it not only increases indoor lighting, but also improves the overall appearance of the building. The window sash has a good stress state and is not easily damaged. 4. The home is safe and reliable. The sliding window does not stand outside like a casement window. In terms of physical properties, the structure is stable and safe, and the glass will not be broken by strong winds. It opens and closes on the same plane, so children who love to play at home don’t have to worry about bumps, and sliding windows don’t take up any space in the room.

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