Sea View Window Series-Folding Fully Open

The sound environment at home is closely related to the comfort of life. There are threats such as violent typhoons, weathering and corrosion at the seaside, so the requirements for window material performance and other aspects are extremely high. Choose this high-quality door and window for quiet sea view life, and smoothly solve all kinds of life problems that cannot be ignored, in one step. The foldable full-open window type fully opens the barrier-free and large field of vision, provides an open environment, increases air circulation, facilitates lighting and ventilation, and has an extraordinary view with unobstructed views.

Products Details

The original optimized aluminum material has both beautiful appearance and performance, good sealing, sound insulation and noise reduction, heat insulation; high strength, no deformation, long service life of high-quality profiles; environmentally friendly, healthy, durable and stable; good airtightness, impermeability and maintenance-free. Double-layer tempered insulating glass creates an ideal home for quietness, greatly reduces noise, reduces noise decibels, and has excellent heat insulation effects, creating a comfortable and comfortable living environment. The drainage system quickly drains the water accumulated in the window rails, preventing the residual rainwater from the roof from entering the room, and has excellent moisture-proof and anti-seepage performance.1. The aluminum structure adopts a systematic structure design, the riveting structure does not need welding, the installation and disassembly are convenient and quick, the appearance is beautiful, and it is strong and durable; 2. High-precision craftsmanship of the inner and outer flat frames to create durable and comfortable windows; 3. 3D three-dimensional layout inside the window frame, high-strength solid material built-in invisible drainage, large water output, efficient anti-blocking; 4. The window sash is fully automatic locking function, which can be opened with one touch and one push, with intimate protection to reduce hidden dangers 5. High-quality accessories push and pull smoothly, flexible, and durable; 6. The silicone seal has excellent air tightness and water tightness, effectively isolates noise, windproof and heat preservation; 7. The balcony can be closed and opened at any time, with a large folding degree and a small footprint, which provides strong support for broadening the field of vision and improving the space, and instantly heals bad moods.

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