Casement Window Series

Let the city be noisy, and gently close the windows on both sides, and the world immediately becomes quiet. Stay away from the busy traffic, away from feasting, home, and return to the original essence. Outside the window is the noisy world, and inside the window is warm and quiet. Simple actions can create a different environment. It depends on the design of the casement window series. The casement window series have good sound insulation and heat insulation effect, and the large glass in the middle set is perfect for lighting. The casement window is beautiful and atmospheric, and can be matched with any modern design concept, fashionable and versatile. Relying on German advanced technology and sophisticated instruments and equipment, the finished casement window has a solid structure, and the splicing place is smooth and smooth. The effect can be seen from the details and strive for perfection. The raw materials are made of high-precision silicon-magnesium alloy high-quality materials, with high strength and low density, super thermal and corrosion resistance, and durable and stable. Double-layer hollow tempered glass, rubber strip seals no corners, minimize noise, excellent heat insulation effect, quality first choice. There is a large glass in the middle, which provides good lighting and can get enough natural light, which is warm and comfortable.

Products Details

1. Large field of view: large glass in the middle, wide viewing area, panoramic view of the scenery outside the window. 2. Special sound insulation: casement windows series of rubber strips are sealed to create the best sound insulation effect, which is very suitable for low floors and noisy areas. 3. Good ventilation: not restricted by the window area, enjoy the natural wind. 4. High security: the built-in casement window series are good for anti-theft, and can be equipped with push-type handles or handles with keys to avoid accidents of falling down. 5. The material is refined: good materials are carefully selected, the silicon-magnesium alloy is more reliable, durable and stable. 6. Hard skills: Combining advanced European design concepts with German first-class technology and perfect equipment to provide customers with technical support.

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